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SculpSure - Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

The next generation of non-surgical fat reduction is now at the Whole Beauty® Institute

In this episode of The Doctors, SculpSure® was put to the test to see how well it works.





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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SculpSure and Non-Invasive Fat Loss

The next generation of non-surgical fat reduction at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka, Illinois.

Under the leadership of Dr. John Q. Cook the Whole Beauty® Institute is the first medical practice in the Chicago metropolitan area to offer SculpSure™. We believe that SculpSure offers significant advantages compared to other fat reduction systems, and we are pleased that our patients will be the first to benefit from this new technology.


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When Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough

At the Whole Beauty® Institute every team member recognizes that our treatments contribute to our patients’ health and well-being. We counsel our patients on the benefits of good patterns of nutrition and exercise, since these are the closest we can come to the “fountain of youth,”

Fat reduction begins with a solid platform of nutrition and exercise. For some people, try as they may, it is nearly impossible to lose fat from resistant zones. There are many such areas in the body: the abdomen, the waist, the hips, the inner and outer thighs, and the arms. If you have such difficult area on your body, SculpSure™ offers an effective FDA-approved way to significantly reduce unwanted fat deposits that is completely non-surgical.

sculpsure-rendering-hr-2How does SculpSure™ work?

The SculpSure™ technology was developed by Cynosure®, a research-driven laser company that has been responsible for many of the innovations in medical laser devices in recent decades. Among their contributions are IPL, Slimlipo®, Smartlipo® and Cellulaze®.

After several years of intense research and testing, Cynosure® is introducing this technology for use in patients. We are pleased that we were selected to be the first practice in the Chicago metropolitan area to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

Previous generation devices for fat reduction involved the application of cold, ultrasound, or radio frequency energy to reduce fat. SculpSure™ works by an entirely different method. Laser energy is delivered to the area of excess fat, and this causes a reduction of the number of fat cells in that area.

What is SculpSure™ treatment like?

Patients who undergo SculpSure™ therapy experience a sense of warmth in the treated area. For most people the treatment takes less that half an hour. There is minimal discomfort after the treatment, and patients can return to their normal activity immediately. Results from the treatment will reveal themselves in four to six weeks.

Watch the SculpSure video below which demonstrates what the treatment is like and the patient experience.

What are the advantages of SculpSure™ when compared to other fat reduction devices?

In clinical trials SculpSure™ was found to obtain a 25% reduction of fat in the treated area with a single treatment.
From a patient’s perspective there are several notable advantages to the SculpSure™ technology.


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Treatment time is only 25 minutes to obtain the optimum result. This is considerably shorter than with other treatment methods. The treatment itself is quite comfortable, which makes the experience much better from the patient’s point of view. After treatment there is very little discomfort, so that the patient can return to normal activity right away.

With other treatment methods, some patients experience symptoms related to nerve irritation that may persist for weeks or even longer. The treatment is easy to customize to the contours of each individual’s body. This is not the case with other treatment methods due to the bulky design of the delivery mechanism.

SculpSure®, Forma Plus® and BodyFX® for Non-Invasive Fat Melting and Tightening

SculpSure before and after

Our team at The Whole Beauty® Institute has extensive experience with non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening. We were the first practice in the Midwest to offer our patients SculpSure®, a third generation fat-melting technology. For a trim person with good skin tone who has a relative excess of fat in the abdomen, waist, or outer thighs a pair of 25-minute treatments can produce pleasing results. There is no disruption of your daily routine.

Our team may suggest other non-invasive treatments to make your results from SculpSure® even better. We may offer you the benefit of Forma Plus®, a series of radio-frequency treatments that will tighten the skin in the area where fat was reduced, if we feel this will help you. Another radio-frequency treatment, Body FX® offers further fat reduction and tightening.

We Offer The Complete Spectrum of Solutions for Men and Women Who Desire Body Contour Improvement

Our patients benefit from our deep experience with all forms of body contour improvement, both surgical and non-surgical. It is a core belief of the practice that a patient’s best interest is served when we offer customized solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. During our detailed consultation we will explore your level of health and fitness, your goals, your skin tone, and your pattern of fat distribution.

If we feel that SculpSure™ will offer you a significant benefit we will recommend that form of treatment. If we feel that other forms of treatment will better meet your goals, we will discuss these in detail. If we feel that you will most benefit from an improved pattern of nutrition and exercise, that will be our recommendation.


Abdominoplasty patient before and after. Click on image to view in photo gallery.

We are proud of our extensive experience in a wide range of body contour methods. These include the high lateral tension abdominoplasty, which we feel is the gold standard for power in body contour correction.

We also have over 20 years of experience with all forms of liposuction. We offer the complete range of techniques, from classical liposuction, to Vaser® ultrasonic liposuction, to the latest techniques of laser liposuction. We offer both the SlimLipo® and the SmartLipo® technologies in our Chicago and Winnetka offices. These minimally invasive techniques are usually carried out under local anesthesia in the comfort and privacy of our offices.


Liposuction patient before and after. Click on image to view in photo gallery.

We also have several years experience with the Cellulaze®, a minimally-invasive local anesthetic procedure that offers permanent cellulite reduction with a single treatment. Our medical aesthetics team can further improve body tone with body-zone-specific medical grade products and advanced radio-frequency treatments that can provide non-surgical skin tightening.