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Breast Lift Revision





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Breast Lift Revision Patients Come to Me for Several Reasons

The most common reason for consulting me is a recurrence of the ptosis (droop) that originally caused them to seek surgery.

Often this is accompanied by a hollowing out of the upper portions of the breast structure. There may also be a stretching out of the skin of the lower portion of the breast skin.

Revision of Breast Lift | John Q. Cook, M.D. | Whole Beauty Institute

Secondary structural breast lift. Patient had a previous lift by another surgeon.

Some patients are most concerned with a lack of good tone to the breast; others may lack sufficient volume and desire an overall enlargement of the breast. I have also seen patients who desire improvement of the scars from the original surgery or who would like to alter the position and size of the areola.

For patients who have undergone breast lifts only to see the breasts settle toward their original position, this may be related to the fact that the original lift relied only on the skin to lift the breast. Whenever possible I rely on structural techniques for the revisional surgery, since this provides additional anchoring of the breasts at deeper levels. I may also be able to shift some of the breast structure to the upper portion of the breast, so that the hollowness in this area is corrected.

Some patients who desire revisional breast lifts are in need of greater volume. For these patients I will usually make use of breast implants and also tighten the breast structure. We will carefully discuss the range of options for implant type, implant shape, and position in order to obtain the best treatment plan.

Some patients have previously undergone a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation and now have breasts that are stretched out in their lower portions. This may be particularly true if implants were placed in the plane under the breast (as opposed to under the muscle). If the implants were not properly supported in the original operation, it may be necessary to move them to the plane under the muscle and support them with acellular dermal matrix. The overlying breast structure can then be recontoured so that it properly covers the implant.

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Dr. John Q. Cook has more than 20 years of experience as a plastic surgeon and has performed many breast surgery revisions. If you are unhappy with the results of a breast lift procedure, or have experienced complications, we encourage you to contact Dr. John Cook to perform revision breast lift surgery. Call his office today at 312-751-2112 or 847-446-7562.