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What areas does Forma™ treat?

Forma™ and Forma Plus™ Tighten the Face, Neck and Multiple Body Zones





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Forma™ for the Face and Neck

Fractora Firm Before & After We are seeing very impressive results when the technology is applied to the jowl and neck. It is also beneficial when applied to the cheek and brow areas. Our patients experience a nice tightening and lifting of these areas. It is important to emphasize that the results that we can obtain with Forma for our patients do not equal the results of a facelift.

Facelift surgery before and after

If you are looking for a result that is equivalent to what we obtained for our patient pictured here you will need to undergo a surgical facelift. One of the advantages for our patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute is that we offer the complete range of surgical and non-surgical therapies, so that we can accurately guide you to the treatment that is most appropriate for your needs.

Forma Plus™ above the Knees

Even athletic patients often begin to notice loose skin above the knees when they reach their forties and beyond. This has been as frustrating to us as to our patients because there really hasn’t been a good treatment option to date. Surgical thigh lifts don’t have much of an effect in the lower portions of the thighs, liposuction may make the looseness worse, and direct excision involves a scar that is artistically unacceptable. How nice to have an option to treat this challenging area. Patients with a mild to moderated degree of looseness above the knee will experience a good improvement in skin tone and texture. Of course this is not a miracle. It will not produce the skin tone of an athletic 16 year old, but for patients with realistic expectations there is a high degree of satisfaction.

In the Upper Abdomen

The upper abdomen is another area where properly selected patients experience significant benefits when they are treated with Forma Plus. Some patients have reasonably good skin tone in the lower abdomen, but loose skin in the upper abdomen. Prior to the arrival of Forma Plus the only option we could provide these patients was an abdominoplasty, which could improve skin tone, but which also required a significant recovery and a surgical scar in the bikini line.

Other Body Areas

Other body areas where the Forma Plus innovative technology can be helpful include the back, the upper chest, and the arms.